BOARDS Magazine

Those who’ve been following my music project for some time will know that I’m a big fan of the sport of windsurfing.  Windsurfing’s BOARDS Magazine kindly published this mention recently.  Thanks to them for that:

Our most loyal of readers might remember a feature way back in 1998 on James Ryan’s windsurfing-inspired album Ghost of the Wind.  Well, the guitarist and songwriter is back – and 13 years on he’s gone back to basics to deliver his brand of gritty blues on board an old boat in Andalucía.   The album Cocktail of Blues is a collection of 13 songs blending a bluesy Americana style with a hint of the Caribbean.

Recorded entirely at sea, the album is purely acoustic with guitar and vocals captured in one take, multi-tracked with solos, then professionally mastered in Trinidad and Tobago.   Cocktail of Blues is now available from James’ website at – where you can also check out the ‘making of’ series of videos, and start following him on all the popular flavours of social networking sites.


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