Payback Music Video

Dear All

I’ve put together this fun music video for the track ‘Payback’, which marks the end of the ‘Money Now’ era (!!) as I move on to the next big challenge: writing music for feature film. All news will appear on my websites, newsletters, social media, etc., but in the meantime, here’s that vid:-

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I’m currently at #63 in the ReverbNation charts, so please keep playing those FREE tracks and vids at this link –  it will be great to hit that #1 mark!

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Marching in at Number 5

Due to the fan activity on ReverbNation, I’ve hit Number 5 this week for singer/songwriter, London.  Right up there in the national charts as well.  So, thank you so much for all of this attention!  If you can keep playing those tracks and videos, and especially sharing/RTing my ReverbNation content, then anything’s possible!

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My documentary, Money Now, Glory Later! is also set for another broadcast on CaribVision, so that should boost the rankings!

Must update my photos on all of my sites soon, so a photo-shoot beckons.  But until then, and to prove that I do actually exist, here’s a ‘selfie’ from Spain!


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ReverbNation Chart Hike

As some of you may know from my recent Tweeting and other social networking activity, that I’m on a mission to move my position higher on the ReverbNation charts.  Seems to be working so far, and here’s the result at time of writing:

Screenshot 2014-02-26 at 08.26.29

So, that’s Number 12 so far for singer/songwriter, London and 61 in the national (UK) charts.  Thanks for all your support and let’s see if I can go higher!  Playing my songs at ReverbNation helps, as does the video below, maybe even making it go ‘viral’!  If you can RT/share all of this stuff – super cool!

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New Year, New Music, New Films!

Hi Everyone

Thanks for sticking with me while I sort out some new projects.  I’ll be posting much more regularly this year, but firstly I’m on a mission to push my way up the ReverbNation charts, so can you please play my tracks as much as possible (all FREE streaming) at the link below:


Thank you so much music buddies!


‘Cocktail of Blues’ – Reviewed by Bruce Gordon

James has kept his fans waiting quite some time. It’s been 14 years since the debut album Ghost of the Wind. In addition to his musical talents, James has another string to his bow as he runs a film production company. It therefore seems appropriate that he has produced a number of video blogs documenting the conception of this album. In these we are taken through the long and painful journey that James took before deciding eventually to record the songs all by himself on a moored boat.

The resulting recordings are stripped back and intimate. This is a no nonsense acoustic album serving up a colourful cocktail of Jazz, Latin and Blues. The guitar arrangements in particular are delicate, intricate and exquisite throughout. James has also found a new maturity in his performance. His vocals are warmer and richer than ever and he now reaches some surprisingly high notes.

The themes of the songs are heartfelt and honest. The standout track for me is “Going Crazy”, which is a playful song that probably describes how many of us feel some days. It is irresistibly catchy and surely deserves to be played extensively on our airwaves. Other songs take us through the myriad of emotions that are evoked by life and love.

The real success story for James is that he has made a quality album on his own and as a result has not had to make any compromises. Hopefully James won’t make us wait quite so long for his next release, however in this case, like a matured fine wine it has been worth the wait.

Bruce Gordon, 18th October 2011

(Bruce is currently lead singer and songwriter with The Get and has made a number of theatrical and stage performances)

New Website Online!

My new website is online now, so please check it out!

Cocktail of Blues -  album cover

Loads of streaming songs, videos, and other FREE stuff available now on the site for you to check out.

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Spring Music

Well that was a tough winter! But I’m back with some blogging and dusting down the guitar to try some altered chords to stretch my fingers out. This year, I’m developing my playing with a view to recording some soundtracks for film… exciting stuff, so let’s see if I can pull it off! It’s also occurred to me that I haven’t played live for years, so I really must take on that challenge soon.

Money Now, Glory Later!

Thanks to my new found friends, The Pizza Kings, from Vancouver who sent me this delightful message:

“Very nice tasteful guitar work and vocals on ‘City Girl’. Great vocal style & sound James.”

So, with that in mind, I must book my flight to go and see them live! Seriously, they’re a fine band with the type of rhythm section I love, and you can check them out at Reverbnation

More soon…